The Free Retiree Show

Tired of not having the financial freedom to live the life you want?

The Free Retiree Show, a retirement and business podcast, helps listeners excel in their career and financial lives so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed.

Lee Michael Murphy, wealth manager, is joined by career advisor Sergio Patterson and attorney Matthew McElroy. Tune into their weekly show as they give you entertaining and valuable advice, and help you filter out the BS in their respective fields.

Meet the hosts below!

Our retirement podcast The Free Retiree Show has four pillars to help listeners achieve success: career advancement, money management, avoiding detrimental mistakes, and learning from successful business and thought leaders.
Each episode shares valuable insights from experts and brings you interviews from some of the most successful people in business.

Join us as we learn how to become free retirees.

If you would like to chat with our hosts regarding financial planning, career advancement,
or you have legal questions, please email us at

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Meet the Hosts!

Lee Michael Murphy

Wealth Manager at Securities America

“I love helping Individuals and Companies with Retirement Planning”

Being a financial advisor goes far beyond setting up clients with a well diversified investment portfolio. It’s about giving your clients guidance through the good and bad times, understanding your client’s experiences and feelings surrounding money management, and caring about your client’s dreams as much as they do.

Matt McElroy

Associate Attorney at Castaneda & Company

Started as a Sales & Appraisal Manager after university and took my law degree afterwards. As an associate attorney, I love helping people out as much as I can. A father of two and a husband to my lovely wife, family is everything for me

Sergio Patterson

Sr. Program Manager @ LinkedIn

🗣I’m a husband and father first before everything else.

What really gets me energized is helping other people whether it’s through mentoring, giving back to my community or helping my kids figure out math homework that literally makes no sense.

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