The Importance of Living an Authentic Life

 Zee Najarian:

Let’s explore that a little. So, the question is just because they are making it just like my story was, I made it. I was making a lot of money. I have that title, just because it looks like I’m making it. Am I making it like, how am I feeling on the inside? And for me, that voice kept getting louder, telling me that something’s not right. Something does not feel right. And I followed it. And a lot of people don’t; they don’t feel so great. But they’re like, No, I am getting that title. I’m getting that money and to everyone else around the middle looks like Oh, so I need to be fake to make it. But those are the people who get burned out. Those are the people who, maybe as they’re getting older, think oh, I do live an authentic life? So, your success doesn’t look like my success. It for someone, it might be I just want to make a million dollars. I’m going to be perfectly happy and that might be what makes them happy. But chances are if they are being fake and making it, and climbing up that corporate ladder. They’re not feeling great on the inside.



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