How to Find Your Passion

Lee Michael Murphy:

So Jonathan, one of the things that you guys do that I think is unique is you help people find their passion. I mean, you have great stuff like interview prep, job opportunities, resume assistance, but finding your love, I think that is unique. How do you go about doing that? Someone that’s like, I don’t know what I want to do.

Jonathan Javier:

Yeah, I think that’s a great question. I still remember, like, I was like, Damn, man, I’m passionate about helping people. I’m passionate about strategy. I’m passionate about thinking outside the box. People have so many things that they believe they are passionate about. I tell people, take a dart, throw it on a dartboard, and just see where it lands, snd then try it out. Try it out, and network with people who are in those fields. So for example, let’s say you’re interested in… I don’t know, program management, and you are interested in a specific field. Then you go network with program managers in that field, work at that company, interview them, and ask them why they’re passionate about their role. Then you learn more about why they got into their role, what they do daily, etc. Take notes on those different things. You can then figure out okay, is this something that I would that I would want to do every day, regardless of monetary compensation? I think what happens is that many us go into roles that we might not like, just because society deems it as “Oh, you just have to get into this role.” I think that’s what happened to me, because I was like, man, I’m passionate about financial securities at Goldman Sachs, which wasn’t right. But my school was literally like, “Jonathan, you got to work at Goldman Sachs.” But then I realized that it wasn’t my dream. It wasn’t my passion. It was society’s passion, society’s ideal. The thing is, especially if you were trying to get into whatever you want to get into, think about that. Think about what I like to do for fun because I tell people all the time to follow it. When you go in to work, how you feel? Do you want to hate your job and then go to your family and have that same attitude? Or do you want to go into a role, be happy, and then, later on, you can see your family and say, “I had a great day today and now I get to have a better day because I see you.”

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